Recent Launch: Centergistix

Author: Aaron McClung   |   February 2nd, 2013 at 8:03pm

Centergistix is an online practice treatment planning platform for dental professionals. AM created their logo, website and built the complex web application from the ground up.

Centergistix is a company focused on providing resources to the dental industry and beyond. Their initial goal was to create an online tool that would help dental providers work together to improve the implant procedure experience for providers and for patients. The new online application helps streamline communication and enhance dental provider’s ability to get more completed in a shorter amount of time and do it all with greater efficiency producing happier patients and bigger profits.

Centergistix came to AM Design to create and design an online application that providers can login to and use to manage the implant process. We started the process with our on-site Strategy sessions. After many hours working together through all the needs and problems that this solution was aiming to solve, we were able to outline a requirements document that guided the build of the application. Being able to start with the logo and build up to the website interface allowed us to create a unified brand experience that kept the goal of the solution in mind at every design decision point along the way.









The back end of this application is as impressive as the front end display. We started with our AM CMS as the foundation for the development platform. We then customized module after module to create the fully functioning system needed to power this complex web application. Multiple user levels were needed and each have a unique set of needs and interactivity. Permission based editing, HIPPA protected content, digital signatures, tooth charts, implant part inventories, and case presentation tools are just a few of the many features of this application.

And the beauty of the solution is that all those features and accounts can be easily managed by our client’s admin staff with the use of our custom content management system.











The marketing website included a very interesting single page sliding layout along with a video that we produced and edited as well. The video solution process included script writing, storyboarding, audio soundtrack integration, graphic design, motion graphics and editing. The goal of the marketing site was to attract new customers and create a seamless sign up and login process to the application site.

Project Components:

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Website design & development
  • Content management systems
  • Email invite system
  • Logo Design
  • Custom tooth charting
  • Case Notes and Images
  • Team communication system
  • Provider and Patient Accounts
  • Treatment Planning Tools
  • Universal Health History Forms
  • Video Gallery
  • Help Articles Manager
  • Implant Ordering
  • E-commerce payment system
  • Blog design and development
















Visit the new Centergistix Website.